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Perlukah Industri Alat Berat Nasional Diproteksi? oleh -

Halo sahabat selamat datang di website , pada kesempatan hari ini kita akan membahas seputar Perlukah Industri Alat Berat Nasional Diproteksi? , kami sudah mempersiapkan artikel tersebut dengan informatif dan akurat, silahkan membaca Hydraulic excavator CASE yang diageni oleh PT Altrak 1978 (Foto: CASE) Industri alat berat Indonesia tidak asing lagi dengan yang namanya krisis ekonomi. Dalam dua dekade terakhir, sedikitnya ada tiga gejolak ekonomi yang membuat industri yang padat modal ini kelimpungan. Pada saat krisis moneter (krismon) 1998, yang dipicu oleh gejolak nilai tukar mata uang Rupiah terhadap USD yang kemudian berubah menjadi krisis ekonomi, banyak pemain alat berat terpaksa gulung tikar. Beberapa dari mereka mengubah  komposisi kepemilikannya agar tetap eksis di pasar Indonesia. Selang 10 tahun setelah itu (2008), gejolak ekonomi kembali terjadi karena efek dari krisis ekonomi global yang bermula dari kebangkrutan beberapa lembaga pemberi pinjaman

New Telehandler Extends SANY’s Reach for Rentals oleh -

Halo sahabat selamat datang di website, pada kesempatan hari ini kita akan membahas seputar New Telehandler Extends SANY’s Reach for Rentals oleh -, kami sudah mempersiapkan artikel tersebut dengan informatif dan akurat, silahkan membaca

SANY America is taking things to new heights at ConExpo 2020 with the launch of a brand-new telehandler â€" SANY’s first such model in this market.

The STH1056A telehandler made its first appearance at The ARA Show 2020 earlier this month in Orlando, and will also be available for visitors to see first-hand at ConExpo 2020 in March. This new entry to the telehandler market offers an attractive and versatile option for operators and rental fleet owners alike, and provides an excellent balance of features and capabilities at an even more appealing price point.

SANY STH1056A Telehandler

Meet the STH1056A

 Featuring a maximum lift capacity of 10,000 pounds and a max lift height of just over 56 feet, the new STH1056A boasts a 130 horsepower Cummins diesel engine, delivering the power and performance needed to tackle a variety of jobs in different operating conditions. Fleet operators also will appreciate the service-friendly design, which includes easy fluid level checks and a side-mounted engine design that makes access to routine maintenance items convenient and simple.

“Our goal is to maximize value to the customer,” said Craig Moslander, Director of Engineering and Product Manager for Telehandlers at SANY America. “We are giving them class-leading performance, class-leading serviceability and components they know and trust, all at a more competitive price point.”

The new telehandler also incorporates systems from other well-recognized and trusted brands to deliver reliable performance owners can count on, using components like the Dana VDT12000 transmission, Parker hydraulics and a Kawasaki hydraulic piston pump system. It has also been thoroughly stress tested for longevity and durability, including more than 10,000 laps around the SANY rough terrain test track while carrying a 10,000-pound load. Additionally, the STH1056A was run through over 20,000 boom cycles under full-rated load conditions, putting the lifting structure to the test to ensure its reliability for years of worry-free operation.

Technology & Safety Meet Comfort & Convenience

SANY STH1056A Telehandler in ActionThe 33,290-pound STH1056A also was designed to offer both comfort and safety for operators. A wide-angle rear-view camera is included as standard equipment and provides a clear, unobstructed look behind the machine to prevent accidents on the job. The telehandler also features axle-mounted stabilizers that not only help support the machine during heavy lifts, but also allow for smoother frame leveling when deployed, ensuring solid footing for all operations.

“Improving jobsite safety has become a top priority in recent years,” said Moslander. “On a big piece of equipment like a telehandler, it is critical that the operator has the utmost awareness of his or her surroundings. By providing direct line of sight to all four corners of the machine, and augmenting that with technology like our wide-angle camera and reverse sensing system, it gives operators the confidence needed to move around the jobsite safely.”

The STH1056A also offers one of the largest cabs in the industry, offering ample space and comfort for the operator while delivering open, clear lines of sight. In fact, from the operating position, all four tires can be clearly seen, allowing for easier identification of obstacles or hazards. In addition to the rear-view camera, the telehandler also features three rear sensors that will trigger visual and audio alerts if they detect an object and will even provide an approximate distance to the object.

Ready for Rental

Telehandlers have been slowly becoming one of the most popular machines in rental fleets for a wide variety of applications. With the rise in interest, however, comes an increasingly critical need for the manufacturers of new telehandlers to offer fleet managers a distinctive benefit that differentiates them from competitive machines. SANY has designed the STH1056A with this in mind, and has worked to take a different approach to deliver a machine that offers many features as standard equipment that competitors charge extra â€" all while maintaining durability and a competitive price.

SANY Introduces New Telehandler

“We are really focused on improving our customers’ business model for telehandlers,” Moslander said.  “By giving them the features they want and the durability that the market demands at a more competitive price point, we are improving the return on their investment.”

Pro Contractor Rentals noted in a recent article that some of the biggest factors that both fleet managers and customers are looking for in their equipment are safety systems, reliable performance and a low cost of ownership (or cost to rent). With the STH1056A, SANY worked to put together a comprehensive machine that offers stress-tested durability, reliability using components from well-known brands in the industry, and modern safety features and a safety-focused cab design â€" all offered at a more affordable price point than competitors and backed with an industry leading three-year, 3,000-hour warranty.

Discover More with SANY

SANY’s new STH1056A is just one of 10 new product lines joining the SANY family in 2020 and delivering even more options to more markets than ever before. You already know SANY is More than Machines â€" but now we offer even more machines, too. Find out even more about the new telehandler and all of SANY’s other new equipment lines by visiting us at Booth #F7826 at ConExpo 2020, coming March 10-14 in Las Vegas, or contact your local SANY dealer today to learn more.

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